Freedom for Designers. Flexibility for Constructors. Performance for Users.

Specialist Manufacturer
of uniquely designed and engineered 3D woven profiled reinforcements for reliable performance and function.
know-how and experience for every profile’s production to enable modular jointing systems.
Application Fields
include aerospace, aeronautical, motor sports, niche industrials and medical industries.


Innovation Award for Biteam at JEC, Chicago

At the inaugural show The Future of Composites in Construction by JEC at Chicago, USA, Biteam has received the Innovation Award for its novel combination architecture I-beam under the Civil Engineering category. Read More.

Introducing Z-Stringer with Combination Architecture

This novel development has the webs with +/-45° fibre orientations and the flanges with 0°/90°. Read More.


JEC 2010 Innovation Award Winner
profiling performance

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