About Biteam

Biteam is internationally recognised 3D-weaving pioneer and specialist manufacturer of woven profiled materials. All 3D woven profiled products are designed and manufactured employing its patented 3D-weaving technologies in close co-operation with the customers.

Having developed unique competence and world’s only 3D-weaving equipment, Biteam directly weaves a variety of profiled products in cross-sections of up to 60 x 60 mm and 3m lengths using carbon and other fibres. These special pre-forms are used in load-bearing and other composite material applications.

Founded in 1997 by entrepreneurs Fredrik Winberg and Nandan Khokar, Biteam is also involved in academic and industrial R&D projects. One of these projects, relating to tape-weaving technology which was invented by Nandan Khokar, has now grown into an independent company Oxeon.



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