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2019 November 15

Biteam and Consat Join Forces    


Consat Innovation Partner AB has signed a partner/co-ownership agreement with the composite materials company Biteam AB. Consat Innovation Partner will support Biteam in developing their next generation 3D-weaving machines for Biteam’s advanced composite products.

“We see Biteam's 3D weaving as a highly interesting future technology, where our machine engineering knowledge will contribute to the company's development and impending entry as a supplier to the world market”, says Emil Brandt, CEO of Consat Innovation Partner AB. This is a long-term commitment and Consat Innovation Partner has therefore also invested in Biteam.

Biteam develops and manufactures 3D profiles for the aviation industry among others. The world-patented technology, which involves weaving in three dimensions simultaneously, has been invented by Nandan Khokar, co-founder and R&D manager of Biteam.

“For us, the collaboration with a leading technology company like Consat is just what we need for our expansion of production”, says Fredrik Winberg, CEO and Co-founder of Biteam. After many years of development work, Biteam is now ready to take the step to scale-up production.

Consat Innovation Partner AB is part of Consat AB, a leading privately owned technology-oriented company which also consists of Consat Engineering AB with the business areas Industrial Technology and Electronics & Systems Development, Consat Telematics AB which develops and provides ITS systems for public transport, Consat Data AB which works with network and system maintenance and Consat Sustainable Energy Systems AB, which conducts energy efficiency projects in commercial real estate.

Biteam AB is a pioneer in 3D weaving, which weaves different cross-section profiles directly in its final form using mainly carbon fibres. These profiles are especially suitable for the aerospace industry and other areas requiring high demands on low weight and high performance. A world-leading 3D-technology’s product was awarded the JEC Innovation Award in 2017.







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