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Flapped Junction Insert Developed / Flapped Triangular Insert    


Continuing its practice of annually presenting a novel 3D woven product at JEC Show, Paris, Biteam will be this year displaying the flapped triangular cross-section preform insert required for strengthening junctions.

The novelty of this material, as shown in the sketch, is the integrated flaps at the three edges of the triangular insert. While the triangular part sits in the junction of certain formed items that are produced by laying up sheet materials, its flaps can be directly integrated with the surrounding sheet materials constituting the final item. It can be used with currently practiced methods.

The use of such a functional preform ensures quick, easy, correct and stable positioning and reliable integration of the reinforcement. The novel flapped triangular insert has been specifically developed for certain customers wanting to suppress crack propagation and delamination at junctions to achieve increased performance and reliability of the final composite material product. Such an insert is producible in different cross-sectional dimensions to suit different needs.

Biteam, the pioneer of 3D-weaving technologies, has developed this flapped triangular insert by employing its new 3D-weaving equipment together with one of its customers. The novel insert will be displayed at JEC Show, Stand V11.


Biteam's flapped junction insert
Biteam's flapped junction insert
Biteam's flapped junction insert
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