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First Ever 3D Woven Truss Structure Produced by 3D-Weaving Process    

Biteam AB, pioneer of 3D-weaving technologies, has applied its technology to demonstrate the direct production of the first ever 3D woven truss structure. The 3D-weaving process’ unique and high flexibility allows engineering trusses directly in both horizontal and vertical directions of a profiled cross-section.

Trusses are created using required number and size of vertical and horizontal wefts that interlace with warps. Such a 3D woven construction produced using carbon fibres is aimed to lend bending stiffness in two mutually-perpendicular directions.

Profiled 3D woven beams having cross-sectional shapes such as H, I, T and square, together with trusses in horizontal and vertical directions, hold the potential to further lower the weight of composite materials in load-bearing applications. The 3D-weaving process uniquely allows controlled placement of required number of yarns and in desired truss angle to meet different application needs.

Biteam shall display the novel Truss Weave at 2008 JEC, Paris, Stand S-28.


  Biteam's 3D woven truss structure
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