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First Ever Family of 3D Woven Pi Cross-Sectional Profiles Developed    

Biteam AB, the pioneer of 3D-weaving technologies, has developed the first ever fully 3D woven family of Pi (π) cross-sectional profiles. Six different Pi cross- sections woven using carbon fibres shall be displayed at this yearʼs JEC Exhibition, Paris.

The availability of different cross-sectional shapes of 3D woven Pi profiles offers the structural engineers and designers a unique flexibility in designing a construction using profiled beams made of composite materials. It also opens up the opportunity to mix and match different 3D woven profiles besides enabling relatively economical and quicker modular construction.

A variety of fully 3D woven Pi and other cross-sectional profiles can be produced in solid, shell, tubular and combination types to meet different application demands. Such 3D woven cross-sectional profilewith unique performance and functional features.

Biteam shall be exhibiting the family of woven Pi profiles at Stand S-28.



Biteam's Pi profiles


Biteam's Pi profiles


Biteam's Pi profiles
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